I want to build an amusement park based on music.

  • A trampoline made like a timpani.
  • A water slide like the valves of a brass instrument that shoots you out the spit valve and into a pool of water.
  • Instrument shaped swimming pools
  • Gift shops filled with musical items
  • A hall of horrible composers for those who want to be frightened
  • A roller coaster mimicking difficult musical runs
  • A ride where you are pulled up a string and then shot all the way back down
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read my new button and pucker up 

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' Centuries (8 bit + Vocals) '


something i probably should have spent more time on

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The moment of pure panic when accidentally activating Siri in a quiet place

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' Jealous (layered duet) ' by ' Emblem3 & Nick Jonas '



Jealous - Layered duet | Emblem3 & Nick Jonas
Use headphones!! 


Harry liked this clock. It was completely useless if you wanted to know the time, but otherwise very informative. It had nine golden hands, and each of them was engraved with one of the Weasley family’s names. There were no numerals around the face, but descriptions of where each family member might be. “home”, “school” and “work” were there, but there was also “traveling”, “lost”, “hospital”, “prison” and in the position where the number twelve would be on a normal clock, “mortal peril”. 

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me: makes a mistake
me: thinks about mistake every night for the next 7 years


space dog in game play mode


It’s more than just a show to me. It’s countless hours spent working to perfect 8 minutes. It’s the long days spent doing nothing but band. It’s the proud feeling you get after a good run. It’s all the friends I’ve made and my second family. It’s the infinite amount of memories that will stick with me forever. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Doctor Who Tardis Spinning